5 Amazing Things To Do With Your Old Android Device

Did you recently upgrade your Android device? Statistics say that, average smartphone user upgrades smartphone once in every two years. Every time you upgrade your smartphone, you have the big question of what to do with your old device. There are number of creative ways you can utilize your old smartphone in improving your day-to-day life. Today we have listed 10 things to do with your old Android smartphone.

1. Retro Gaming Console
It’s a very easy thing to pair your old Android device with television via Chromecast of HDMI cable. You can download selection of emulators for your classic gaming consoles. There are apps from Super Nintendo to Sega Genesis on Android. You can pair up some bluetooth gaming console with Android device and you are good to go. Playstation remote controller works just fine with Android devices.
2. Gym Device
Your old Android device can be an ideal gym tool. You can format the smartphone, remove unnecessary apps and data. This will avoid unnecessary distractions in gym. You can use this device as a MP3 player while working out. You can even pair it up with a cheap fitness tracer or smartwatch for extra functionality.

3. Desktop Computer
Yes, you can install your old Android device as a desktop computer. Even the oldest smartphone is more powerful than what desktop computers were. You can install Debian or any version of Linux operating system on your device, connect it to monitor. You can sync up with bluetooth keyboard, mouse and you are good to go.

4. Car GPS
There is no doubt that you can use old Android device as a GPS navigation unit with your car. There are number of great navigation apps available for Android (Google Maps, CityMapper, Waze etc.) You can use the old Android device as a dedicated GPS unit in your car. You can even plug it using aux cable and double up the usage as a dedicated stereo/MP3 player.

5. WiFi Extender
If you have weak WiFi signals in your house or office, you can extend the signal range using your old Android device. You need to use some app like fqrouter2. The app will pick up signal and repeat it. However, the app requires rooted Android device.