Top Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Apps for Android


Protection for Android devices has become a high priority over the last year or so. Malware is more rampant than ever and although being careful usually avoids the problem, sometimes people want more. A good antivirus or anti-malware app can not only bring peace of mind, but also protect your Android device from threats you may accidentally stumble upon.

Norton Security Antivirus

First on our list is Norton Security Antivirus. Norton is already a trusted brand in security and millions use Norton on their PC. It comes in both a lite and paid flavor. The light version offers some peripheral protection, including scanning the SD card and apps for threats. With the free variant, you can also lock the phone via SMS if it is lost or stolen.

BitDefender AntiVirus Freebit defender

As the name implies, it is completely free. What this app has that the others don’t is simplicity. It performs exactly one action and that’s a comprehensive scan of your device to see if it’s safe. You can do this manually or enable the auto-pilot feature which does it for you.BitDefender’s claim to fame is the light usage. The app doesn’t have all the bulky features of most of these other apps. It simply scans your device to keep it safe. That’s it. If you need something with more features like anti-theft, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Mobile Security and AntiVirus by Avast

Next up is Avast, which is another well known name in the PC antivirus space. Avast is one of the more highly rated PC antivirus apps and they’ve translated well to mobile. The mobile app is truly impressive and is packed with features. This includes your standard anti-virus and anti-malware along with one of the highest rated anti-theft systems out there.

AntiVirus Security Free by AVG

AVG already has one of the most popular free PC antivirus apps out there. Their mobile app is no different as AVG boasts over 70 million users to date. It comes with your standard features and a few extra perks to make this powerful antivirus app even better.

Lookout Security & Antivirus
Lookout is one of the most popular and successful antivirus and anti-malware apps out there. It has a ton of features including security and antivirus features, lost and stolen phone features, and even a backup function. It’s totally free to use

360 Mobile Security
360 Mobile Security is another fairly popular choice with over 5 million downloads to date. It also has a number of features like antivirus, privacy adviser, a floating window feature, and even a call blocker. It’s totally free to use.