How to fix iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo

Alright, so you turned off your iPhone one night and
you wake up the next morning and your iPhone
comes on but its stuck at the apple logo. I had the
same exact problem. Do not fret, because today I will
show you few steps that will help you Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo issue and you get your beloved Apple iPhone back up and running.

First, we have to find the source of your problem.
Most of the time this iPhone Stuck at Apple Logo
problem comes when you or someone else tries to
jailbreak your phone. What is jail-breaking? It is when
you free your phone from the limitations of the
operating system present. Lets be completely honest. They put these limitations up here for a reason. So
outside viruses would not corrupt your phone.

Just like the state makes laws so everyone won’t be
robbed by tomorrow. It’s just the same. Sometimes
jail-breaking is not always source of the problem.
Sometimes this can happen when you update the IOS
software. So shall we have a look on steps to Fix this
problem after jailbreak?

How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo Issue

Step 1: Turn off the iPhone

To turn off your iPhone you need to turn it on. So
turn your iPhone on back to the dreaded screen as
normal. When the phone is on hold the sleep/ off
button while also holding the home button. If you
don’t know where these buttons are; the sleep/ off is
on top of your phone. The home button is the only button that is on the same side as the screen. Do
this until the phone turns off.

Step 2: Turn the phone on

When you turn the phone back on hold the sleep/ off
button while holding the volume up button.

Step 3: Get the phone working

While holding the sleep/ off button and the volume
up button, wait for it to turn on. As soon as the
phone comes on with the logo, let go of the sleep/
off button. Do not let go of the volume up button.
Hold it until the phone gets back up and running. This
can take several minutes but do not give up on it.

Step 4: Leave it alone

Once the phone is back up and running do not bother
it. Leave your phone alone for about 30 minutes. Your phone is rather glitchy now and toying with it
will make it worse. You can even put it back in the
state that it was in.
That’s pretty much it. Your phone is fixed. If you are
still experiencing this problem then you might want
to send the phone back to Apple and let them run a
diagnostic to fix it. This is how one of my friend fixed
iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo issue on his own and I
hope this little tutorial proves to be helpful for you too .