Beware of Cookie Monsters?

Computer cookies are usually harmless. They’re put on your computer by websites and marketers to capture useful information about your browsing preferences. They’re not viruses, they remember site-specific passwords and they’re important for security purposes. Although some hackers have found ways to steal cookies from personal computers, established websites with good security features and encryption can help prevent that.

Update (or Change) Your Browser.
How many Internet browsers can you name? Which one do you use? Here are a few interesting points about browsers you should know:
1. Update your browser whenever updates are available, for security reasons. Besides, updated browsers run faster.

2. The leading browsers are Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera.

3. You can use any browser with any computer. Trying a new browser is free, safe, and easy to install.

4. Internet Explorer is probably the best-known browser because it comes with computers that use Windows. It’s by no means your best or only choice.