Remote Access Tool / Trojan

Remote Access Tool is a piece of software used to remotely access or control a computer. This tool can be used legitimately by system administrators for accessing the client computers. Remote Access tools, when used for malicious purposes, are known as a Remote Access Trojan (RAT).
Well mostly Remote Access Trojan (RAT) are used by hackers to gain unauthorised access to the webcam , keyboard, screen i.e. say the complete system of the victim. A RAT should not be confused with keylogger . A keylogger (i mean a remote keylogger) provides you logs with certain interval while with RAT you can remotely access the victim’s pc the way you use yours. RAT is used by hackers usually to do fraud work from the victim’s pc like i.e. making him zombie.They can be used by hacker to make proxy of the IP of victim or to do attacks like DDOS or any other from victim’s pc. Some RATs also behave as backdoors. The difference between many such terms will be cleared to you guys with our upcoming posts .

We usually get RATs from cracks of softwares , games and unauthorised sites. They run at the back without any acknowledgement to you and provide an access of your computer to the hacker . Hackers also make programs which look like legitimate or important programs which are actually useless and are RATs . RATs also can change their name , size , behaviour etc. to bypass IDS , IPS , antivirus , firewall etc.
There are a lot of known RATs like Dark Comet , Prorat , Poison Ivy ,njRAT etc. If you do not have updated antivirus any of the RATs can harm your pc but an updated antivirus will protect you from all the RATs except the latest ones in market or say the self made ones. Now “black shades” is the most dangerous RAT going on and is very hard to detect . FBI has taken strict action against some of its users . This is the latest and the best RAT available now. I wont advice you guys to try this RAT as its for illegal guys but be aware of it . Antiviruses companies are struggling hard to patch all such things. This post was only for beginners . With time you will get better posts on site , more deeper and more valuable .


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